Course Certification

Based on the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST), WSAPSTE created a system for recognizing outstanding course content in Public Safety Training and Education in Washington State. This certification acknowledges instructors who use evidence-based and or best-practice curriculum that establishes measurable outcomes. This course certification is focused on those in the public safety fields and others interested in improving training and content delivery.

Why Course Content Certification?

  • No current content certification available to individual public safety agencies in Washington. 
  • Use Subject Matter Experts to assess your course.
  • Use systems approach and evidence-based learning theory to create the strongest curriculum.

How do You Complete Course Content Certification?

  • Download the Course Content Certification Checklist
  • Submit your Course Content and the completed Content Certification Checklist
  • Submit Student Fees for Course Content Certification

Course Content Certification Fees (Association Member)

  • $150 + ($35 x # of training hours) 
  • Example, if you have an 8-hour class $150 + ($35 x 8-hours) = $430 

Course Content Certification Fees (Non-Member)

  • $300 + ($55 x # of training hours) 
  • Example, if you have an 8-hour class $300 + ($55 x 8-hours) = $740

Ready to Submit? Questions?

Once you have completed the Course Content Certification Checklist and have gathered your materials, contact us at for submission options. 

If you have questions or need assistance with the Course Content Certification process, contact us at


Below are the forms needed for Course Content Evaluation. 

If you plan to edit these on a mobile device, download the Adobe app before opening the files. 

Files coming soon.