Instructor Certification

Based on the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST), WSAPSTE created a system for recognizing outstanding instructors in Public Safety Training and Education in Washington State. This certification acknowledges instructors who use evidence-based practices and curriculum delivery that meets standards in excellence in training and education. This program is focused on those in public safety fields and others interested in improving training and individual instructional skill sets.

Why Be Certified?

  • Recognition of instructor excellence
  • Join a team of common skilled instructors
  • Gain access to best practices in delivery and development
  • Certificate of Recognition as a WSAPSTE certified trainer
  • Add the WSAPSTE certification to your business cards 

Master Instructors gain the additional benefits of:

  • Picture and biographical information on the WSAPSTE website with links back to your direct e-mail or web pages
  • Discount to association conferences and training
  • Free association promotional materials
  • Agency or company discount for association fees

How are you Certified?

Certification occurs through a comprehensive examination of attended and completed professional development in instructional delivery, best practices, and possible on-site review.

General Instructor Certification (1-year Certification)

  • Complete the WSAPSTE application form. 
  • Submit a current résumé outlining your specific public safety teaching and curriculum development indicating more than three (3) years of training experience.
  • Submit contact information for THREE (3) individuals who can attest to your instructional abilities or one letter of reference from a current WSAPSTE member can take the place of  the three references. These individuals will be contacted during the review process.
  • Submit a completion certificate from a basic 40-hour Instructor level course (POST, Commission, Vendor) or documents indicating instructor certification.
  • Submit your $100 Instructor Fee (Member)/ $300 (Non-Member). 

Professional Lecturer (1-year Certification)

The Association may issue Professional Lecturer Certification to a person in a profession, who, by virtue of academic degrees and professional expertise has developed special knowledge in one or more of the following areas:

  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Medicine
  • Public Safety

Each applicant for Professional Lecturer certification shall:

  • Be a graduate of an accredited law school, medical school, or other school accredited for conferring degrees in formally recognized professions acceptable to the Association or present a vocational technical certification; and
  • Obtain the endorsement of a school director (e.g. Dean, VP, Training Manager) who shall:
    • recommend the applicant for certification as a professional lecturer;
    • describe the applicant's expected participation, topical areas, duties, and responsibilities in a delivery of training conducted by the school; and
    • describe the attributes showing the applicant to be a beneficial contributor to the delivery or presentation of Public Safety training.
  • Submit your $100 Instructor Fee (Member)/ $300 (Non-Member).

Master Instructor Certification (3-year Certification)

  • Same steps of general instructor certification plus additional fee of $500/day* (plus travel, meals, and lodging) which includes:
  • Auditing of Instructor and Course Delivery
  • Course Content Certification Process 
  • Student Assessment of Course
  • Travel, Meals, and Lodging for Association Evaluators

* WSAPSTE will negotiate cost based on length and evaluation need for courses longer than 8 hours. Non-Members will be charged $800/day plus travel, meals, and lodging.

How do I Renew my Certification?

To renew:

  • Complete the Renewal Application
  • Submit the renewal fee of $75 (members)/ $300 (non-members) online (PayPal) or request direct invoice through
  • Every year, certified instructors must complete two (2) hours of instructor training/development to maintain their certification. These training hours can come from attending conferences, and from attending other POST/State training related to instructional development. Certificates of attendance are required. Certificates can be sent to as they are completed.  

Need Assistance?

If you have questions or need assistance in filling out the application, contact us at



Below are the forms needed for Instructor Certification or Renewal. 

If you plan to edit these on a mobile device, download the Adobe app before opening the files.