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Become a member

Why Should I Become an Association Member?

The primary goal of the Association is to bring together public safety training and educators for the collaboration and exchange of ideas, increasing public safety through best practice. 

Association members get access to several core resources including:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Instructor Development
  • DACUM Process
  • Program Evaluation
  • Training Management Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Content Certification
  • Instructor Certification

Membership is open to all persons involved in training and education, which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Corrections Trainers
  • Criminal Justice Educators
  • Emergency Management Trainers
  • Law Enforcement Trainers
  • Military Trainers
  • Public Safety Trainers
  • Private Security Trainers
  • Telecommunication Trainers
  • Training Managers
  • Program Manager

Membership Fees

$50 per year for Active Members

$30 per year for Student Members

$500 for Life Membership

Membership types

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Active Members

This membership group is for individuals who wish to attend the conferences and professional development on a regular basis. Reduced rates for conferences, training and education will be provided to this level of membership. Annual Membership.

Student Members

This membership group is for students in fields related to Public Safety who want to develop knowledge and skills related to public safety training. These students will receive reduced rates for the conferences and will be able to register for professional development if space is available.  Annual Membership.

Life Membership

This membership group is intended for individuals who wish to invest in the association and become involved in its development and planning for the future. These individuals will already be certified instructors through the association and may serve as subject matter experts for other course or instructor certifications.  Lifetime membership includes free registration for the annual conference. 

Peer-Awarded Membership

This membership is awarded to distinguished members who contribute above and beyond to the Association. These will be awarded annually at the Association Conference. 

Apply now!

Download the Membership Application and email the completed form to

Membership Application - Fillable (pdf)