The primary mission of the Association is to bring together public safety trainers and educators for the collaboration and exchanging of ideas, increasing public safety through best practice.


Professional Development

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Experience opportunities to develop as an instructor or to improve curriculum. Information about workshops and annual conferences.

Course Certification

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A certification system to ensure courses and content meet evidence-based or best-practice curriculum with measurable outcomes. 

Instructor Certification

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A certification system for recognizing outstanding instructors in Public Safety Training and Education in Washington State. 

Certified Courses


 The De-Escalation course is focused on those service providers that meet and greet the customers first. The course was developed using the Tactical Social Interaction research and trains in situational/social and self-awareness and interaction abilities. The student is given the knowledge to enter any encounter successfully, engage strangers or co-workers productively and safely, adapt and recover to a given behavior, and disengage effectively. 

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 The researched-based, student-centered, non-lecture program has been demonstrated to enhance the student's ability adapt to and navigate culturally diverse environments, as well as complex social situations, while maintaining strong tactical awareness.  TSI ® training enhances a student's self-awareness, analytical abilities, situation awareness, and interactive skills.  

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 The Interaction and Perceptions course combines a strategic interaction program and implicit bias training into one course. This allows participants to identify and understand personal biases and how they can act as a foundational component of accurate and effective pre-planning and observation/assessment of the self and others prior to engaging in an encounter. This course also covers debriefing interactions with others, focusing on how personal background and innate assumptions can frame encounters or influence vital decision making.  

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